Interactive E-Learning & Virtual Labs Websites

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Do you like to have  educational website?  

We will build one for you.

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Building websites with features that enrich educational process is our mission. Helping instructors as well as students to proceed is our job.

Our new features:

1- Building Online classroom:
With this feature, student will not has to leave your website to use Zoom App. Now we bring Zoom to site. Now, student will attend online classroom by only one click on the website with all capabilities of the physical classroom.

2- Webinar:
Webinar built in website lets student attending lectures, interact with instructor, send questions, and receive answers. This will let student to review the other questions from his classmates and instructor responding.

3- Adding online courses:
Where chapters, lessons, lectures recorded videos, virtual labs, PDFs, and assignments are arranged in a simple way to let student access any part of the curriculum easily and review his learning progress bar as well.

4- Become a Teacher:

We provide a method that lets other instructors to share thier courses (with price or free) in your website.

This is the time to own your private interactive E-learning website with subscription plans.

Visit our websites   1,  2

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