E-Learning & Virtual Labs websites


Why do you repeat the same lectures many times each year?

Do you have enough time for that?

What if you are busy or on an overseas trip? 

Will these lectures be postponed until you return?

Who will follow your students up then?

Who will review their test answers?

Do you still use chalk on the board?

Or now upgrading to dead PowerPoint slides?

Why you don’t put your lectures, books, notes and tests on your website in an interactive way with many subscription plans?

It will carry a great load for you.
Cause relying on modern educational means, makes you distinct from the others. And you will be in your student memory especially for those accessing your lectures anywhere and anytime.

Your work will get a different luster. you can use your mobile with a data-show set to run your lecture smoothly to your students.

One of the lecturers said that is sufficient for him to get his work remains in the feature even if he wasn’t present at that time.

If creating e-learning website is a hard work and you think it needs more time and effort, we will do the job for you.

Now try with us for free then discover why your work get a positive impact?

Cause our activities are:
1- Putting the educational content provided by the teacher / lecturer on a website (com – net) in order to facilitate browsing between its contents because it contains buttons for browsing and linking to all chapters, lessons, topics, examples, drawings, equations and theories. Therefore, the teacher can do the explanation during the lecture by displaying on the data show Or, the student can continue studying by logging onto the website.

2- The readable content is placed in the form of a PDF on the site so that the ability to make a download is subject to the desire of the teacher, as he decides to show the download button or not, as well as the ease of flipping between the pages on the mobile and the tablet by making a swipe.

3- The teacher can also choose to have the content read in the form of normal text from which the student can choose parts to make (copy & past) or to be an image from which text cannot be chosen.

4- By cooperation with the teacher, we converts the fixed graphics in the book into interactive graphics on the site, its movement can be controlled by adding the necessary codes in the Javascript language for the student to interact with it and experimenting with himself without the need to enter the laboratory, which increases understanding and speed of understanding.

5- A special YouTube channel is created that contains the teacher’s videos and is linked to the site and shown to the student through the YouTube window on the site without the need to enter on YouTube and search for these videos.

6- An online test is added after each lesson. The student chooses the correct answer from among several choices. If he chooses the wrong answer, the program will inform him that his choice is not successful and inform him with the correct answer. At the end of the test, the student gets his grade and at the same time, the teacher will demonstrate all students results.

7- The teacher can set plans to subscribe to the site (free membership – bronze – silver – golden – ……) (for a month, semester or year – …) so that each type of subscription has the power to view specific pages or lessons and the student can subscribe by filling in his data and paying by credit card, the total of these subscriptions will reach the teacher’s Paypal wallet.

8- An element can be added to the evaluation of the lesson by the number of stars chosen by the student based on the smoothness of the lesson from his point of view.

9- A box for comments and discussions can be added to each lesson. The following educational site can be visited through mobile, tablet, PC and laptop.

10- student can search for a word in all website content.

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